On this international woman’s day, “Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown, without telling the world it was crooked”. 

 Let’s check some facts and see what can we do for betterment of woman. 

Can you imagine a world without woman? 

Do you know the importance of woman? 

what can be done to uplift woman community? 

Now let’s get started, firstly I thank God for making me a woman. It’s an honor and a proud feeling to be a part of woman community in this world. 

As Air and Water are necessary for humans to survive, Woman is such mandatory necessity for the human race to exist.  

World without woman is impossible to imagine. In Quran Allah explains the importance of woman in a great way as 

“Treat woman nicely, for a woman is created from a rib, and the most curved portion of the rib is its upper portion, so, if you try to straighten it, it will break, but if you leave it as it is, it will remain crooked. So, treat women nicely.” 

The woman is like a rib; if you try to straighten her, she will break. 

So, if you want to get benefit from her, do so while she still has some crookedness.

Difference in the nature of men and women. When you say that a rib is bent, it does not mean that this is a defect in its manufacture, you are actually explaining how it looks like.  

So, women are in fact different than men but nobody said that their creation is less perfect than that of men. It says that her characteristics are different than that of a man (not identical). 

 Men do not to try to change the characteristics of a women to be like that of a man or he would not enjoy her presence beside him. 

The woman is like a rib. why?

To understand that we have to first understand how our ribs look like. Ribs are curved on both sides of our bodies to create a cage to protect the heart, the major arteries and veins as well as the lungs which are all essential for life continuity.  

So, the curved nature of the rib is one of the signs of God’s perfection in creation of human and if they were straight, they would not give the maximum security for the heart and lungs as the cage shape that the rib’s curvature produces. 

Consequently, saying that a woman is created from a crooked rib is to explain that she has all the characteristics she requires to perform her function perfectly which is protection for her family and children as well as her mercy.  

So, if one tries to change a woman’s characteristics to be like his then she would not be able to perform her function on earth which is mercy and protection of her loved ones.  

Honoring this nature in women and not trying to change it is what makes life enjoyable. 

Now coming to present scenario in 21st century we still come across the greediness of man witnessing the cases of sexual harassment and misconduct at work premises, poor manners and rudeness at homes etc., which is a miserable situation for a society. 

What can be done to uplift the women community? 

Save the girl child right from the womb of mother. 

Spread awareness of importance of girl child. Try to donate few bucks which means whenever you buy essentials for your children instead of going for expensive things go for things which can save few rupees which can be given to needy girl child out there, may it be your maids child or someone who desperately needs help. 

In this way we can eradicate poverty to little extent.  

Teenage girls especially in rural areas should be educated about the mensuration hygiene and reproductive health care. 

Woman should be a friend of woman to get desired respect from society. 

These are the few things which can be considered and let’s be together as there is a saying “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful woman who has her back”. 

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