About Me

Hey There!

Signora Rules is a blog dedicated to women and their well being. Signora means women in Italian language.

Women rules as women are multitasking and world without women can’t be imagined.

For the next few minutes you will be spending time with a person who wants all the women on this earth to be self dependent. I’m Juveria Khanam, an Electronics and Communication Engineer who worked as analyst in Google for one year.

Life teaches many lessons. As every Indian girl soon after graduation got married and then started the expectations of family and society. Every phase had hurdles and their came the lessons from which now I regret why didn’t I pursue medicine. Knowing about the body and its functionality is the least thing every human considers.

“Where their is a will, their is a way”

But after gaining experiences I would surely say One has to know few things in body and specially it is mandatory for females.

I have build self confidence and gathered courage to start this blog.

SignoraRules isĀ  where I can share my own experiences with other women and also invite their experiences so that someone can get help. Practical reviews help a lot compared to theoretical knowledge.

Unless and until one stands for self no one is going to help in this world. Strong determination, self confidence and fighting the fear are key ingredients to success. Taking the very step towards achieving the goal is the first step which many desire but stay back to take it.

Let’s all (women) give time to self, focus on proper diet and try to build a healthy community.

My aim is to help other females and find purpose of my life which is a gift given by God.

I’ll be focusing on different food, healthy at different stages of life and post real time experiences.

So stay with me and guide me and help me in our journey towards Women Empowerment.

Lets dive into SignoraRules…….