Parents are gift from God and parenting is the challenging task. Dealing with a child properly and nurturing him in best possible way is the goal of every parent on this earth.

To be a good parent one should know “What is not parenting?”.

Now what is not parenting?

Just fulfilling the essential needs i.e., buying cloths, food, etc., getting a child’s admission in reputed institution, pick and drop from school these are few examples of the duties which parents do and think their parenting responsibilities are being done perfectly.

What is parenting?

Every born child is pure, has equal talent, skills and power to grasp things in perfect manner.

Now Parents are the soul responsible persons to turn them into Good or Bad humans.

Parenting is building child into a great personality, inducing manners, confidence and nurturing their character is major responsibility of parents.

To make the process simple lets understand in this way. Firstly the crucial year’s of child’s life will be 0-21 years. After that it’s their life and they better know how to mold it.

Now these 0-21 years can be categorized into three stages. (0-7), (8-12), (13-21).

(0-7) Imprint stage:

This is called as Imprint stage because this is the foundation. whatever you teach positive or negative things this is the basement.

A solid foundation for children involves a solid moral base. Good manners, morals and teaching to be a good person from heart can be few things which should be inculcated at this tender age.

And at this particular stage I want to stress on one thing i.e., good manners doesn’t mean being polite at home and rude with others not a child with two behaviors. A child must feel a sense of guilt when he does something wrong. This sense will not let him repeat the mistake again.

Role of parent at this stage first ‘C ‘comes into picture “CONFIDENCE”:

Confidence is the base. How to inculcate confidence in child?

Listen, Listen, Listen even when you are busy, frustrated or exhausted  what ever the time may be listen to your child patiently. It may be silly thing for you but for child your attention means a lot.

Appreciate, saying good words, patting and make them feel happy are the roots of confidence that gets fixed. Today as kid if your child speaks confidently tomorrow he will face the world confidently and achieves success.

Second stage is Modelling (8-12 years):

This stage is where parents are mentors showing right paths. And if your journey till now is fine the child will ultimately choose the right path.

This age is crucial specially for mothers and girl child as many body changes occur, it is the responsibility of every mother to give proper guidance on reproductive health and mensuration’s.

Behaving and body language are two things child has to be taught properly at this stage.

Inculcating “CREATIVITY “in child is Parents duty at this stage.

Creativity is the pillar. Little minds have great innovations in their heads. Supporting them for logical thinking can make them reach great heights. Doubting on potential of child’s creativity will be gone.

Third stage is Social Behavior (12-21)years:

Friends are whole world at this stage. About 17 years onwards children prefer privacy. this age is crucial and conscious because it is the life changing age.

A parent should be a friend of child, think, talk and teach as a friend. Every human shares bottom of heart secrets with friends rather than parents. so, try to be friend of your child.

Building “CHARACTER” is role of parent at this age.

Character is not behavior. Behavior is how we mingle with others. It depends, for example when we look in ourselves we behave different with friends being cool is our attitude. While coming to family members the behavior changes.

“Character is purity of intent”.

Purity of thoughts, hearts, intensions is character. In real world we are people conscious what people will say, what people will think, instead parents and children should be God conscious.

Doubting on intensions of child, character of child will be gone. Good intensions pave way to good deeds. Trust is the block which has to be strong in between parents and children.

If you want to fix something fix your self first. This is the note to parents I would like to give, unless we are good at something never expect from others.

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CONFIDENCE (base), CREATIVITY (pillar), CHARACTER (pillar) these are the 3 C’s to be taken care of and responsibilities of parents towards children.

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