Ectopic Pregnancy in early weeks can be managed.

In India especially in rural arears there is a myth where old aged women consider going to doctor in the first three months will eventually lead to miscarriage’s.

Now this myth may lead a controllable situation to life threatening event.

Ectopic pregnancy is one such kind which occurs in rare woman.

Did you know the percentage of ectopic pregnancy cases are increasing from last few decades?

Now most of us never heard this term and have no knowledge about it.

I was in the same stage when I faced this. In this article I shall try to explain about,

What is Ectopic Pregnancy?

How it can be identified?

What are the different procedures?

How to react if you got in this weird situation?

At the end I would also share my experience with ectopic pregnancy.

What is Ectopic Pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that occurs outside the uterus which means, the fertilized ovum implants outside the intrauterine cavity, most commonly in the fallopian tube.

 More than 95 percent of ectopic pregnancies occur in the fallopian tubes.

Another 2.5 percent occur in the cornua of the uterus, and the remainder are found in the ovary, cervix or abdominal cavity.

Because none of these anatomic sites can accommodate placental attachment or a growing embryo, the potential for rupture and hemorrhage always exists.


A ruptured ectopic pregnancy is a true medical emergency.


ectopic pregnancy
Ectopic Pregnancy site of occurrence.


How it can be identified?

It is usually suspected if a pregnant woman experiences any of these symptoms during the first trimester:

missed period,

vaginal bleeding,

lower abdominal pain,

and amenorrhea.

An ectopic pregnancy should be suspected or may be confirmed, if transvaginal ultrasonography shows no intrauterine gestational sac when the ß-hCG level is higher than 1,500 mlU per mL (1,500 IU per L). 

What are the different procedures?

Treatment consisted of an open laparotomy and salpingectomy, current laparoscopic techniques for unruptured ectopic pregnancy emphasize tubal preservation.

Other treatment options include the use of methotrexate therapy for small, unruptured ectopic pregnancies in hemodynamically stable patients.

Expectant management may have a role when ß-hCG levels are low and declining. 

How to react if you got in this weird situation?

Don’t panic as their are solutions. But as the medical sector has also become so commercial choose the hospital and doctor wisely.

This situation comes into picture in the early stages i.e., first trimester of pregnancy.

A couple doesn’t understand what’s happening when the doctor announces about “ectopic pregnancy”.

Back in 2013 when I was planning to conceive, got the good news that I really conceived along with a heart breaking note saying its “Ectopic Pregnancy”. (Blood test revealed about the pregnancy, urine test was negative).

I and my spouse had no knowledge about it. I just had abdominal pain and went on with the doctors advice to remove the pregnancy performing surgical procedure i.e., laparoscopy, though it wasn’t required, as I was into very early weeks may be 5 at that time.

Hopefully by grace of God she didn’t remove the fallopian tube.

After a year in 2014 Conceived again but was visiting different doctor. Now she was like you had ectopic pregnancy in the same right fallopian tube once, this is the second time, so lets remove the tube.

This time we didn’t repeat the mistake and thought of taking second opinion.

I hail from Hyderabad, so one of well known hospitals here is Fernandez Hospitals. DR. P. Manjula gynaecologist, was the person I met and she was so kind and down to earth that she explained the ailment in easy manner and this time it was about 7 weeks, so she advised to go with expectant management.

Expectant management is where the beta-hCG levels are observed every 48 hours to see if they are decreasing or not.

This time the levels declined which was observed repeating the blood test to see beta hCG levels.

Want I want to convey to the couples is please visit doctor as soon as you test positive. And if any of the symptoms persists and you are advised for surgical procedures go for second opinion.

Most of the doctors and hospitals have become commercial money matters a lot for them rather than a patient.

Also in the early stages ectopic pregnancy can be managed mostly.

Don’t stick with the myths get a medical check up done as soon as you test positive.

Now this is 2021 and I’m blessed with two Daughters.

Never loose hope, take the decisions wisely.





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