Grammarly Review 2021.

“Grammarly”– Did you hear this word before? Most of us have but as “grammar”, not Grammarly, right?

Grammar is taught from childhood as a subject. It enhances our writing skills. 

When did you write last time? Writing is the best way to communicate with each other. Words that can’t be spoken can be written in the best manner. 

Though the world has changed a lot and pens are replaced with touchpads, still every one of us writes daily. 

Writing is part of life but at the same time writing without mistakes and plagiarism is where you stand out from the crowd. 

This is when Grammarly comes into the picture.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a tool (writing assistant ) that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and engagement. Grammarly editor opened itself to the world in 2009. This is a tool that checks plagiarism and detects all the inconsistencies and structures the content in a more precise and impactful manner.

It also finds a replacement for the mistake it locates. It also allows users to customize their style, tone, and context-specific language.

Grammarly is for everyone who desires to curate the best piece of article. From beginners to experts most of the writers prefer Grammarly as a one-shot tool.

Now that you have got a fair idea of what Grammarly is, let’s see how and where it can be used?

Where Grammarly can be used?

Grammarly can be used anytime, anywhere. From writers to professionals who send out emails anybody can use it easily and effectively. It can be used in 

  • Blogs and websites
  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Presentations
  • Word documents and the list goes on.
    As Grammarly has numerable usage options looking at the features for free vs premium versions is necessary.

Grammarly Features- Free vs Premium.

Grammarly has lucrative plans for everyone.

While the Premium plan has many advanced options, the free plan also works at the starting point.

Free plan features:

Grammarly free plan offers spelling checks, grammar, and punctuation. Join Grammarly for free and get the real time experience. Sign Up here.

Premium plan features:

Correctness: Ensures to fix the inconsistencies in punctuation, formatting, and spellings throughout your document. It helps in word choices to sound natural and fluent.

Clarity: Automatically rewrites hard-to-read sentences. Make every sentence concise and easy to flow. It formats long lists to user-friendly bullet points.

Engagement: Identifies the repetitive sentences and rewrites to add flavor and variety.

Delivery: Using the Grammarly premium features you can ensure to convey the message in the tone you want to. Even when you are in hurry can write in an appropriate tone.

Plagiarism Detection: This is one of the best and admired features of Grammarly. In the world of huge competition especially for writers, this feature is like a magic wand. With Grammarly, one can ensure the work is fresh and check against billions of web pages.

These are some of the features which I have mentioned above. Getting the premium plan will be worth it with many exciting features, one can confidently deliver the message in the best tone.

Now that you have understood the importance of such an exciting tool, let’s see how it can be used effectively.

How to use Grammarly?

Grammarly upgraded itself, works using AI, and gives the tone of humans in the writing.

Grammarly works where ever you want to use it. It has browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet explorer.

Download the extension and follow the instructions to kick start the process.

Grammarly recognizes your browser and provides the option to download the add-on. 

Grammarly does integrate with MS Word and MS Outlook. 

NOTE: Grammarly for MS Word is a paid feature. 

It is compatible with Google Docs as well.

To Wrap Up:

Everyone has their own perception. Grammarly is a life savior for professionals who send out professional emails and using this tool can get them a pro icon.

Students can use it as a dictionary to learn and explore the vocabulary and stop making mistakes in grammar.

For writers as I already said it’s a magic wand to check for Plagiarism and Grammar. Like the correctness, clarity, add flavor to make text fluent and user-friendly it’s the best future tool to be bought without thinking twice.

Just give it a try as sign up for Grammarly is free and I’m sure you’ll love to upgrade to premium.

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