Guide for Dreaming Big and Becoming Successful Women

Dreaming big is not a crime and you have to dream big to ignite the fire inside you.

Every one wants to earn fame, if not for the world at least in the family and friend circle. So this article for women who want to achieve success in life, be independent and narrate their life with beautiful colors.

Every creature on this earth has to face the hurdles, when an ant has the courage to never give up, God has blessed you, where you are far stronger and intelligent.

We humans especially women are more sensitive and need lots of care, affection, and encouragement to get started in anything.

I hope this piece of content will somehow motivate you and encourage you to be “yourself” in life.

I’ll show you how to stay motivated without loosing hope and achieve your desired goals. Let’s see

to explain the concept

When the things are scattered around it feels difficult for easy tasks also. Having a plan and sorting out the things is the main agenda for success. Try to be a women with a plan and implement it at any cost.

When you have a dream, work on the algorithm to pave a path to reach destination.

Lets see how to implement the scattered rays of hope together.

Changing Habits:


“You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future”.- Abdul Kalam.

Leaving behind the laziness and opting for upskilling yourself, reading books, writing at least a sentence on a paper daily can be the foremost needed habit to be inculcated. Who knows one day piece of sentence or line can become a remarkable quote. 

“Better late than never”. 

Spending single minute uselessly in present deserves to be paid in future. No one is born skilled, learning is a part of life which if practiced sincerely gives fruitfulness forever. 

So start from scratch it will take time to get results but taking the first step is huge thing. When you want to achieve big leave all that bothers behind. 

Changing habits and taking this good decision is the first step towards goal. Reaching goals needs a strategy.

Setting Goal:

 Set a goal for yourself in an area you love and work hard to achieve that goal.
Defining the goal is like finding the purpose of life. When you have a defined thought about what you want to do, you can arrange the things accordingly.
Now set yourself to achieve that goal, accelerate towards it. It should be something which is always on your mind which never leaves you alone.
Goal setting is probably the most important activity that you can learn to improve self confidence.

Self Confidence and Courage:

Good thing is that self confidence can be built. Never loose hope, hard times are when you just start up, and being in learning stage find difficulties, where confidence level goes down gradually. 
There will be a question mark should you proceed or not? These are the times when you need to hold breath and sail upon. 
Gaining self confidence and courage can be done reading inspiring stories of others, listening to Tedx talks, etc.,
When you listen to a person coming from hard background and though stroms you find it quit easy and their comes an inner voice saying “You Can Do It”. Stay calm and be focussed.

Stay Determined:

Determination is like roots, when roots are strong plant can reach up to the sky. When you focus on work or something you wanted to do mind remains determined and works well. “Empty brain is devils workshop,” we all heard this quote from childhood, it was told every time when homework has to be done.
Brain needs to be trained and kept busy all time to generate innovative thoughts.
Staying determined is the mindset of successful women.

Time Management:


The secret of all the successful people is time management. 
“Time and Tide wait for none”. Managing time is a major part and should be practiced sincerely.  When you have a plan and allotted time for every individual task, things get better and results show up eventually. All the successful women out there manage time in proper manner.

Positive Thinking:

This is the thing which I have experienced and learned good lessons from it. Think Positive it will be hard initially, but if this habit is inculcated you have a better peace of mind, which eventually paves way for success. Positive thinking is a kind of thing which has been left behind in the present day world.
Encouraging others, celebrating their success are few points to note when it comes to positive thinking.
Every coin has two sides, same way every word you utter has two meanings positive and negative. 
Taking the positives into consideration makes life easier and you can be more determined towards your goal.



Communicating with like minded people or peers is good way to keep yourself updated about many things.
Like all fingers are not equal, every individual has different knowledge, and grasping knowledge, learning things in better form is part of achieving the goal. 
Communication plays a vital role being on social media, having good profile can make life easier and make goal achievable.

Upgrading Skills :

Technology is advancing day by day and lagging behind without upgrading the skills doesn’t fetch you results. Learning new things not related to core subject also matters as degree is not going to fetch you the goal. Skills and talent you show up are essentials with which you can reach your dream or goal.

These are the essential arears where you have to work on while starting career again or trying to reach your goals.

Woman are multitasking, no one can replace a woman in this world. Challenges and struggles are part of her life which she handles with lot of care, affection and patience. so be proud to be a Woman and thank God for giving this life.

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