One Funnel Away Challenge- Are you aware of this! OFA Challenge is a life changer for those who want to start or succeed in business.

I have taken the One Funnel Away Challenge in June 2021 and writing this review after learning and being in the affiliate market for 2 months now.

I will cover What is OFA Challenge?

Who can take it?

How it works?

Who can benefit from it?

What you will learn?

What is the Affiliate Commission of OFA?

Stay with me till end to explore more in detail.

To understand what is One Funnel Away Challenge, you need to know what is a funnel first?

A Funnel is a process in which the leads are send through different stages of framework and converting them to buyers.

Now before explaining OfA Challenge, let me ask you few questions!

Do you want to grow your business online, but you have NO IDEA where to start?

Do you have a company that’s been successful, but for some reason you’re feeling stuck?

Are you trying to figure out a way to reach more people or have a bigger impact on world?

Are you willing to build your first or next funnel to increase sales and grow your business?

If you are interested in any of the above questions, then jump into the concept of OFA.

What is OFA Challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge is  a 30 day program launched by Russell Brunson founder of ClickFunnels. 

One Funnel Away is bundle in which you will learn how to build a funnel from scratch.

Right from coosing specific niche, finding your dream avatar, making a framework, driving organic traffic to making offers and closing the sales. In simple words you can just set up your business from zero even if you don’t have a product. 

Who can take it?

Entrepreneurs who are struck in their business and does’nt know how to scale the growth?

Job holders who are fed up with the 9-5 routine and want to give ample of time to the family.

People who want to achieve financial freedom.

Freelancers who want to build a tribe and generate passive income for long term.

People who want to make affiliate marketing a full time career to generate passive income.

How does One Funnel Away Challenge work?

Step 1: Each day you will receive a live stream where Russell Brunson comes live and teaches the strategies in a private Facebook group.

Step2: After the live session ends you will be given a “one pager” mission document with exact step by step tactics to implement to complete that step. 

There will be videos showing how to implement strategies and the one pagers to help keep things clear.

Step 3: Daily implementation calls with experts will be there where you can ask all the queries.

By the end of the 30 days you will be ready with your own funnel and business.

What you will learn?

You will learn everything from scratch. 

Strating from:

  1. Finding your specific Niche.
  2. Figure out the Dream customer Avatar,
  3. Making the Framework,
  4. How you can make your customer reach from his current state to his desired state.
  5. Setting up your Facebook page and profile 
  6. Driving Organic Traffic
  7. How to run Paid Ads on Facebook

Overall at the end of 30 days you will be ready with your own Funnel.

How can you become an affiliate of One Funnel Away Challenge?

While promoting the digital products or services you first need to know about the product in detail.

Once you enroll for OFA Challenge, you can also register for affiliate program. 

Clickfunnels offers various and huge affiliate commissions to its affiliate members, which I will explain in next article.

Here for promoting One Funnel Away Challenge you earn a commission of flat $100 which is the cost of the Challenge itself.

That means when you enroll in the One Funnel Away Challenge you learn on your own how it works and if you become its affiliate then you earn what you paid in just one sale.

Now many people have question why should we enroll? Directly can’t we promote?

You can but unless and untill you don’t know what it is by yourself how will you explain?

If you enroll through someone who has taken the challenge, they can be your mentor and guide you through your affiliate journey and make the process easy for you.

I have taken the Challenge and started my affiliate marketing career. If you join through my affiliate link I have “Box full of Bonuses”.


To wrap up I have written this review only after taking the challenge and One Funnel Away gives lots of opportunities and if you wish to become a Funnel Designer, then this would be the best program you will be investing in.

Also if you wish to start your career in Affiliate Marketing please contact me I will surely help you out.

Join me on my Facebook profile here message me saying OFA and we will connect and I will explain about the Bonuses which I give along with Russell Brunson’s huge bonuses.

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