The Simplest ways to make the Best of “Marketing”

Are you a newbie in the vast ocean of marketing? Want to learn most of it in no time right from the scratch? You have landed on the right page.

Let’s get started and unleash the secrets of marketing. in this article you will learn about the fundamental’s of marketing, communication skills needed as a marketer then we will discuss differences between traditional and digital marketing moving forward have a glance at CATT marketing funnel, integrated digital marketing and moreover we will have an overview on personal branding and its importance.

When the basics are strong you can go a long way of success. Covering most of the marketing topics this article will be helpful for everyone who wants to learn marketing.

Fundamentals of marketing:

Marketing is nothing but selling yourself. For example common question in interviews “Tell me about yourself?”. Here you try hard to show the talent you have to get the job to understand in simple way.

Firstly “Marketing is a battle of perceptions, not products or services”. The way in which something is regarded or understood.

Marketing is understanding the consumers perception and make the right move at right time at right place. Humans have the ability to think and marketing is a tactic which can be curated in wanted manner only by humans not by robots.

Marketing is not just selling the product its about keeping the existing customer happy by communicating with them. For example most of the people have love for chocolates and Cadbury is one such brand chocolate no one resists to have.

Cadbury is the second largest confectionery brand in the world after MARS.

Cadbury also works as per the marketing mix formula- 4p’s.

marketing mix of 4p’s of Cadbury

As a product it has world wide recognition and earned the sweet trust as brand.

Prices are so affordable that anybody can buy it,

Place wise it is available in almost every city and every kind of shop.

Promotions of Cadbury are mostly traditional as well as digital.

Building a strong brand is crucial. When you have a quality product there is no need to do extra marketing or spend on it. Product itself does the work.

Its better to be first than it is to be better. the basic issue in marketing is not convincing people that you have a better product or service. The basic issue in marketing is creating a category you can be first in. Deciding where to compete is half your success.

If you can’t be the first in a category, set up a new category. Everyone remembers the first and are interested in new, few people are interested in better. Being the first in customers mind in everything in marketing.

Real time examples of leading brands first in their own categories to name a few can be: IBM in computers, Apple in iPhone, Digital Deepak in digital marketing.

Now when we have a clear idea of a category or niche its time to learn the skills to communicate easily yet in powerful manner. Good marketing is all about good communication.

Let’s think in this way we are going on a trip and to make our journey hassle free we need a plan. Here it is marketing strategy which can be breakdown as:

communication skills

Who you are trying to reach?

Knowing your target audience is the key factor. When you know the particular tribe which has scarcity of your product it will automatically turn the product into most needed and eventually demand increases transforming into a leading brand.

What do you want them to do?

It’s time to make your target audience take the action. For this first build trust with audience doesn’t matter if no action is taken. Let them take their own time, as the owner of the product your role is to execute the product well and gain trust and confidence of target audience. Building trust is laying concrete foundation, once its done the product or the brand has a long run of success to go.

How will you encourage them to take that action?

Marketing is game of manipulations but unless you play a fair game you don’t have to taste failure. Being fair, having built enough trust and giving importance and quality assurance are few things which executed properly can make the magic happen.

Example for this is DDIP. Product being digital marketing program, tribe being us interns and action taken being the word of mouth of Deepak sir and now into the program.

Having learned few insights about marketing lets look into the differences in Traditional vs Digital Marketing:

Traditional vs Digital marketing

Traditional marketing is the oldest form of marketing until 1990’s. Businesses had traditional marketing methods as the only ways to reach audiences. Five major channels of traditional marketing are:

  1. Print (newspapers, brochures etc.,)
  2. Broadcast( tv, radio )
  3. outdoor( fliers, banners, etc.,)
  4. direct mail (post cards, catalogs)
  5. Telephone(telemarketing, sms marketing)

Traditional marketing is expensive yet gives less returns. Consumer interaction and engagement are little with less flexibility. Ease of measuring results is not defined don’t know how far your marketing is going to reach. But still traditional marketing has its own role and applied even today in many businesses

Digital marketing is modern day marketing where the medium of communication is through digital channels like:

  1. Websites
  2. Blogs
  3. Social media tools( FaceBook, Twitter, Youtube etc.,)
  4. Email marketing
  5. content marketing etc.,

Now compared to traditional marketing digital platform is less expensive with more public reach and long run returns. Significant amount of online presence to improve its online presence in the mind of customers is needed. Here you have access to lot of information about your audiences to understand there needs and proceed further also get the feedbacks directly which can help in analytics of your brand and its performance.

Both traditional and digital marketing can be used as per the requirement. Top leading brands still use traditional marketing as they have build trust.

Also read about Evangelism marketing.

Now coming through the journey of building a product thinking from target tribe perspective and bringing in all the efforts its time to monetize. This is the important step and let me tell you about CATT marketing funnel.

CATT Marketing Funnel:

CATT marketing funnel

Sounds huge, lets understand in simple manner

Wealth= n^CATT

Lets elaborate it, here stands for “niche”. Choosing the correct niche will lead you half way of your success and wealth. Niche is something which is a combination of talent, passion and market.

Content: Content is the king. Writing is the skill which everyone has to develop to excel in marketing because people like the way you talk and express the terms in effective manner. Create content from niche which can attract the tribe. Quality and relevant content helps establish authority, build trust, engage the audience with the brand. Blog posts, effective emails and live webinars can work.

Attention: Now that a good content exists you have to drive the attention of tribe by driving traffic using SEO, social media etc.,

Trust: Trust is a weapon when handled with good care has doors open for success. Building trust, understanding the needs of your tribe and satisfying them must be the top priority things as a marketer and owner of the product or brand. This can be done with Retargeting, Marketing Automation etc.,

Transaction: When you have good content trust of your tribe it can be a favorable task to convert leads into customers. This can be achieved with natural sales methods.

Wealth comes on its way if marketing is done as per the marketing strategies, understanding the CATT funnel implementing the tools effectively and all this requires effort, time and energy with huge returns coming on your way.

Integrated Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is in itself integrated means everything is interlinked. The cycle goes with content marketing, Email marketing SEO, Social Media, Paid advertising sell and convert.

Integrated digital marketing

You are expert in a Niche have good content on your blog then you run paid advertisements, people visit your blog where you ask for emails getting their attention and build your own email list. Start email marketing also run social media campaigns this whole process builds trust within the tribe and automatically converts happen.

Personal Branding: why you need personal brand?

when you have a product you also need to market it no one knows it exists unless you market it. people like to hear from people and not from brands. Primarily marketing your own product is necessary along with building brand, which eventually occurs when product has its own demand and liked by niche tribe.

Real time examples of personal branding are:

Digital Deepak personal logo is the personal brand build with effort and trust of people. It is the top brand in digital marketing field in India.

lalitha jewelers personal brand

Another example of personal branding is Lalitha Jewelers in Telangana. This is the only jewelry brand I have seen marketing its brand itself and also has a huge response and many branches in India. All the other jewelers have some celebrity as their brand ambassador for promoting their products. Personal Branding gives clear idea to the audience whether they have landed on right place or not.

MassTrust Blueprint:

mass trust blueprint

Learn: “once you stop learning you start dying” – Albert Einstein

Never stop learning as life never stops teaching. Trying to learn new skills and being updated with the technology is mandatory in this generation.

Work: Gathering information is one skill and understanding it and working on it is another.

Blog: Blogging is first step in implementing what all has been grasped. Blogging gives a confidence of accomplishment.

Consult: When you start blogging you will be able to understand things personally and can give advice to others.

Mentor: Knowledge increases when you share it. As much as you teach the more you learn. Mentoring gives a pleasure of confidence and zeal to learn more.

Start up: Having all the skills in hand can be useful to start your own company.

But the process of leaning must be kept continuing. Success follows who always learn and be consistent in life.


Last but not the least I would like to wrap up this article saying learning new skills will always be helpful in journey of life. Digital Marketing is the booming sector and learning about fundamentals of marketing, marketing strategies, CATT marketing Funnel Integrated Digital Marketing and by combining the knowledge building a personal brand will pave a good way for future. Hope the article will be useful.

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